• Testsignals for measurement
  • Analyzer defaults – 2 Analyzer Snapshots: horizontal Line (pink noise / setting band filter mode sum – white noise / setting bandfilter mode average) and a line with 3dB per octave decrease (pink noise bandfilter mode average). Download and unzip them – now you can load them into Analyzer by using iTunes, email or dropbox.



2 Responses to Downloads

  • Manny

    Replied on: 03/10/2013, 07:11

    My name is Manny Monteiro
    A few months ago I’ve purchased your Analyzer App for my iPhone and iPad.
    I was very happy with your product until apple did that IOS 7 thing to all of us!
    Shame on them!
    Can you let me know when I’ll be able to download an upgraded IOS 7 version of your App for my iPhone and iPad?
    Thank you.

    • dan

      Replied on: 05/10/2013, 08:14

      The update for Analyzer 2.3 is available since a few days!


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