Spectrograph is not available at the moment! We are working on a new version…

The Spectrograph displays and records spectrograms (visual representations of the spectral density over time) by processing the audio signal from the microphone input, Audiobus or Inter App Audio sources (iOS 7+) in realtime. It offers a 2D view and an amazing 360 degrees fullscreen 3D view. The Spectrograph is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Use the Spectrograph for studying music, animal sounds, voices and speech or just have fun with the beautiful visualization of environmental sounds! Make use of the ability to store and load spectrograms and even reprocess them with different settings for discovering new details in your recordings!

Spectrograph features:
– 2D view with control panel for record, free run and store
– 3D view (free run only) with touch gesture controls of the viewing angle
– free choice of bandwidth / number of frequency bands (depending on your iDevice up to 800!)
– 3 buffer sizes: 1024 / 2048 / 4096 samples
– 3 gain modes for getting the best out of every acoustical situation
– 6 different color schemes
– logarithmic time frequency scale (detachable with one touch on screen)
– record spectrograms (recording time between 30 seconds and 2 minutes – depending on your iDevice)
– record preroll
– reprocessing of recorded spectrograms
– compensation for the low cut of the built-in microphone and selected external microphones utilizing the input jack (available as in app purchases)
– detailed help section within the Spectrograph with no need for internet connection

Spectrograph screenshots:

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