Analyzer support

important: if the Analyzer does not show any signal, please make sure that it has access to the built-in microphone here: settings -> privacy -> microphone
The Analyzer is an universal App designed to work smoothly on iPad and iPhone. Due to the different display sizes there’s only one main difference: while the iPad main view provides a frequency and a SPL Meter view on iPhone the SPL Meter view is available only in portrait mode. We integrated an autorotation lock function for the iPhone to prevent unwanted view changes.

Main view

Navigation and zoom are provided using the usual touch gestures:



The frequency view shows frequency over time graphs. An overview:



For accessing the menu respectively the properties of the graphs there are icons in the upper right corner:

mainView_icons@2x Snapshots
The Analyzer offers the possibility to take snapshots of frequency over time graphs (depending on your device up to 14). A snapshot is created if you start a Leq measurement, press the hold button or the snapshot button. Each snapshot has its own bar / line graph, an icon (which represents a live updating miniature of its corresponding graph) and it’s unique color. Touch the icon to save, export, clone, change color or remove the corresponding snapshot.


The workspace is the summary of all snapshots and the actual graph. Touch the workspace icon and save the whole workspace (including color settings), export it, change the background color or remove it for clearing the display.

Save & export

Each snapshot and even whole workspaces can be saved in the Analyzers own proprietary data format. All records are listed in the menu under records. They can be loaded, shared via email or iCloud and exported to images (.png) or text files (.csv). When exporting a workspace to a png file all graph and background colors are preserved while the export of a snapshot creates a black on white picture.


Use thecog wheel in the upper right corner to access the menu. Here you can manage your records, change various settings, visit the store or make use of the sophisticated in-app help.


The left column shows your records. If you select a record a preview appears in the right column. It is zoomable like your main view. If you push the load button the graph shows in your main view. You can delete it, export it to .png or .csv files, send it via mail or move it between local storage (on your iDevice) or iCloud if activated. You can open and share .png and .csv files in appropriate Apps like FileBrowser or Dropbox.


If you want your records available on all your devices you can activate iCloud storage. Go to the iDevice settings -> Analyzer and turn iCloud to on. Now you can move your records between local storage and iCloud storage using the export function!

Audio IO settings

The Analyzer uses either the built-in microphone, an audio source attached to the headset input jack or any suitable USB class-compliant audio hardware attached via the dock connector. The iOS automatically detects which audio input and output are used. If the audio IO route changes the Analyzer automatically blends in the current  audio route.

You can select input and output routing in this menu.

When a class-compliant USB audio interface is attached the Analyzer will work always on channel 1&2, 3-8 are not accessible at the moment. We tested successfully and can recommend: Apogee’s One, Duet and Quartet, the RME Fireface UCX, the Alesis IO dock and the Midiface Audioface II.


The frequency range defines the maximum range of the frequency (horizontal) axis.

A single band can either show the sum of energies of each FFT point between left and right border of the band (summed energy) or the mean over the whole band. This decision is made with the band filter mode setting. In sum mode a pink noise input shows a horizontal line and a white noise input shows a line with 3dB / octave  rise. In average mode a pink noise input shows a 3dB / octave drop and a white noise input shows a horizontal line:

band filter mode_sum_enband filter mode average_en

It is possible to view a normalized spectrum. If the normalization is activated, the level in the frequency view is always normalized to full scale.

The dB range defines the maximum range (dB) of the vertical axis. It is of course only available when normalization is deactivated.

The block size defines the length of the analysis interval.

With the reference frequency you define the “middle” of the frequency scale. Very common for measurements is 1000Hz. We added 440Hz also because this is the “musical” reference (A4).

Window functions

With the window function you can influence the leakage of the FFT. Available are Rectangular, Hamming, Hann, Blackman, Blackman-Harris and Flat Top. For more information on fft & windowing go here.

Here are some properties and usages for the different window functions:



135 Responses to Analyzer support

  • Doug St.Aubin

    Replied on: 27/01/2013, 20:06

    I want to enter a note and find out what frequency it is how do I do that?

    • dan

      Replied on: 27/01/2013, 22:15

      Here’s how you can do it easily: touch the workspace icon in the right upper corner, select caption -> peaks. Now you see lines: the vertical lines show the 3 most prominent frequency peaks (the one with the highest level is the one you’re looking for), the horizontal lines show the corresponding levels.


    • Jan

      Replied on: 01/03/2014, 01:18

      Dear Mr,

      I downloaded a while ago Analyzer and purchased an I436 micW mic.
      when i installed this special callibrated feature i need to give there a number from my callibrated i436. which is on the manual .
      this is 5.6mV/Pa.

      My question is ; Is this correct to give 5.6mV/Pa ?,, as i gor a quite low input on the mic . Less even as on my ipad 4 int.mic .

      Thnx for reply ahead .

      Jan van de Beek.

      • dan

        Replied on: 06/03/2014, 07:08

        Hello Jan,

        5.6mv/Pa is within the normal parameters.


  • Randy

    Replied on: 08/02/2013, 19:31

    When I select analyzer it’s defaulting to db meter. There is no way to switch to analyzer from db meter. I would like to get rid of db meter if possible

    • dan

      Replied on: 08/02/2013, 20:19

      Hi Randy,

      turn your iPhone to landscape view – and you’ll get the frequency view. Make sure to have autorotation lock enabled.


  • Estevan

    Replied on: 23/02/2013, 09:12

    Excelente programa

  • Schack Lindemann

    Replied on: 02/03/2013, 16:12

    Hi DSP Mobile

    I’ve bought the analyzer app and for the most part I’m very pleased with it. There is a couple of issues I would like to address. First of all, it seems that the response button in analyzer mode doesn’t really do anything? Or maybe it’s just that the frame rate of the bars is to low but the result is that it’s difficult to get a good average. The competition analyzer app from onyx3 seems to get it right but lacks many other vital functions.
    Another thing I would like would be to change the overall color scheme of the app.
    Other than that it a really great app that I use every week. 🙂

    With kind regards


    • dan

      Replied on: 02/03/2013, 23:42

      The Analyzer is a combination of SPL Meter and frequency analyzer. The Response button is for selecting the IEC conform SPL Meter response times and don’t affect the frequency display. But we got the idea… Maybe there will be a settings option for adjusting the response of the frequency graphics in a future version.
      We already made the background colors and graph colors user adjustable – so there are only the buttons (which will stay as they are), the font color (we will think about it) and the grid color left… We take this into account when discussing the next improvements!


  • Martin

    Replied on: 20/04/2013, 13:00

    Can you suggest a good program settings for most performance to mesure a PA System, I mean ( weighting ? ; bandwidth? scale? band filter mode?and window funtion -i mean best settings of this!
    Best regards Martin

    • dan

      Replied on: 21/04/2013, 23:03

      Hi Martin,

      you should first turn off weighting because this applies the weighting filter curves from SPL measurement to the spectrum. If you’re using pink noise for measurement you should use bandfilter mode “summed”, with white noise “average” – both means you’re seeing a horizontal line as a flat frequency response. If you don’t care about levels and want to compare different snapshots / curves it’s great to use the normalized view – if absolute levels are important you should deactivate normalization. For detecting feedback we built in an automatic peak detector. You can activate it in the frequency view by touching the workspace icon and setting caption to”peaks”. As for the window function: they all work well, Blackman or Blackman Harris are great for mixed signals, flat top is perfect for sinusoidal signals.


  • Jack Akkermans

    Replied on: 26/04/2013, 12:07

    In Stereoplay (Ausgabe 04-2013) wird im Artikel Mini-Messlabor (Seite 126) ihr Analyzer app beschrieben. De Autor spricht auch von eine Ergänzung für 8,99. Welche Ergänzung wird hier gemeint?

    • dan

      Replied on: 26/04/2013, 22:37

      Hi Jack,

      damit ist die Frequenzgangkompensation für das Messmikrofon i436 von Mic-W gemeint. Sie passt den Frequenzgang dem Mikrofon an und ermöglicht eine direkte Pegelkalibrierung.


  • Ray Hoisington

    Replied on: 17/05/2013, 17:26

    I’m using a 4th gen iPad – I can’t seem to display the entire frequency spectrum from 20cps to 20,000cps on any setting. It only displays up to 16,000cps (approx)

    • dan

      Replied on: 17/05/2013, 21:45

      Hello Ray,

      if you need to see more details in the higher frequencies just zoom in and use touch gestures to navigate to the desired range.


  • Christopher Francis

    Replied on: 09/08/2013, 16:45

    App crashes on ipad 2 when going to full screen and after crash app does not open again.

    • dan

      Replied on: 09/08/2013, 17:46

      Hi Christopher,

      we are aware of this bug and apologise for the trouble! We fixed this bug already – Analyzer 2.2.2 is in review at the App Store right now and should hopefully be available in a few days!


      • Christopher Francis

        Replied on: 09/08/2013, 22:39

        Hi Dan,thanks for the quick reply…can not wait to use this great app.

  • Jose l DIAZ

    Replied on: 12/08/2013, 07:29

    I hoy the analyzer but when ever I open the app don’t work and Shen I try to turn off the app it tskes up to 5 minutes. Can I get my money back or transfer this app to my iPad?

    • dan

      Replied on: 12/08/2013, 08:02

      Hello Jose,
      we apologise for your trouble! If you want your money back just ask iTunes for it they will do it of course BUT: if you wait a few days the update which fixes this bad behaviour will be available – it’s already in review at iTunes.


  • Chris

    Replied on: 22/08/2013, 04:44

    I purchased one of the calibrations for my iPad. is there a way to get that on my phone as well with out purchasing it twice?

    • dan

      Replied on: 05/10/2013, 08:18

      Just install it again, as you have already payed for it you it is free on any of your devices.

  • Mike

    Replied on: 25/09/2013, 14:25

    Just purchased analyzer and some of the help files are in Russian with English selected. Using laters iPad ios7

    • dan

      Replied on: 05/10/2013, 08:15

      Problem should be solved by now if you install version 2.3!

  • Manny

    Replied on: 03/10/2013, 16:35

    Hello Daniel.

    I’ve just downloaded the ios7 upgrade for the Analyzer.

    On my iPhone 4 the Analyzer is working ok, but with my iPad 2 no sound get into the app.

    When I load Garage Band the internal mic works ok but when I load the Analyzer app the internal mic goes dead, no signal.

    What should I do?

    I love the Analyzer app, it became my main analyzer in mixes using an Apogee one (witch doesn’t work anymore either).

    Thank you.


    • dan

      Replied on: 05/10/2013, 08:13

      So a complete new installation solves the problem – great!


  • Manny

    Replied on: 04/10/2013, 06:04

    Hello again Daniel.
    Well, I did a fresh install on my iPad and guess what…all working fine!
    Sorry for the trouble.
    All the best.
    (Love the Analyzer!)
    Manny Monteiro

  • Gregory Frost

    Replied on: 31/10/2013, 05:29

    There is no action on my analyzer i.e. It’s not reading and producing any measurements. Can you help me

    • dan

      Replied on: 31/10/2013, 07:27

      Hi Gregory,

      please make sure the Analyzer has access to the built-in microphone: go to Settings->Privacy->Microphone and enable the Analyzer access!


  • Gregory Frost

    Replied on: 31/10/2013, 17:22

    Thank you so much Daniel. That worked perfect.

  • Don Estes

    Replied on: 14/11/2013, 04:32

    I just purchased Analyzer but it opens only to the decibel meter without any access to other pages, menus, etc. I tried deleting and downloading several times…what’s up?

    • dan

      Replied on: 15/11/2013, 10:03

      The Analyzer shows the frequency view on iPhone only in landscape view. Please make sure you that autorotation lock is disabled (the App has one of its own in portrait view) and turn your iPhone!


  • Phil

    Replied on: 07/12/2013, 13:14

    After update, the program will no longer launch. Any ideas?

    • dan

      Replied on: 12/12/2013, 21:35

      Hi Phil
      sorry for this! Are you running iOS 5.1.x??

      Best Daniel

  • Antonio

    Replied on: 10/12/2013, 14:21

    Just did the latest update , and now it dose not work , the app will not start
    My setup is
    iPad 1 running os 5.1
    With 32 gigs ram

    • dan

      Replied on: 12/12/2013, 21:35

      Hi Antonio,

      sorry for this! We are aware of this problem and are already working on a solution. The Analyzer has an incompatibility with iOS 5.1.x which will be fixed in the next update. We apologise for the trouble! Hopefully the fix will be released within the next few weeks!


  • Andreas

    Replied on: 12/12/2013, 11:19

    Just purchased the app. Works fine on my iPhone iOS 6. Doesn’t work on my original iPad iOS 5.1. . App Icon appears on iPad and tapping brings up blue splash screen with your sideways T icon then poof back to iPad apps screen. 🙁

    • dan

      Replied on: 12/12/2013, 21:32

      Hi Andreas,

      we are aware of this problem and working on a solution. The Analyzer has an incompatibility with iOS 5.1.x which will be fixed in the next update. We apologise for the trouble!

  • Henri Syvänne

    Replied on: 17/12/2013, 09:53

    I just bought Analyzer for my Ipod1. System version is 5.1.1 Which should work with your app. But it doesn’t. The program just doesn’t start. Can you help me?

    • dan

      Replied on: 28/12/2013, 22:17

      Hello Henri,

      sorry for your trouble! There has been a problem with iOS 5.1.1 which we solved now. If you wait a few more days for the update to Analyzer 2.3.2 all will work fine.


  • Justin

    Replied on: 26/12/2013, 05:03

    Id like my money back This app won’t open on my iPad 1 iOS 5.1

    I don’t care to wait for your updates

    • dan

      Replied on: 28/12/2013, 22:16

      Hello Justin,

      sorry for your trouble – of course you can get your money back! Just ask iTunes for refund and you’ll get it. But: The problem with iOS 5.1.1 will definitely be fixed in the next update (v2.3.2) which is already in review at iTunes – hopefully it’s out there in a few days!


  • Rocco

    Replied on: 28/12/2013, 12:52

    I’ve a problem with this app, I can Not open the program.

    • dan

      Replied on: 28/12/2013, 22:10

      Hello Rocco,

      which iOS version?


  • Martin

    Replied on: 03/01/2014, 10:56

    Hi Daniel,

    I bought this app with the MicW i436 correction for my iphone and it is working great. Now I would also like to use it on my new ipad air with the same Apple-ID. It was no problem using the analyzer without buying the app again, however, the MicW i436 correction is not active on the ipad. Do I have to buy it again for the ipad?


    • dan

      Replied on: 08/01/2014, 11:49

      Hello Martin,

      of course not! Just touch “restore” in the store tab and all your In App Purchases will be activated.


  • Andres Pender

    Replied on: 06/01/2014, 21:34

    Hi, I want to use Analyser with MICW i436 and measure true SPL levels. I have purchased i436 correction app also. Sensitivity indication in i436 manual is 43.1 mV/Pa. However, I can set mis sensitivity only from 3 mV/Pa to 11 mV/Pa in Analyser micW i436 setting. Please suggest how I can set correct value?

    • dan

      Replied on: 08/01/2014, 11:47

      Hello Andres,
      we found the reason for those mysterious values: it is a human mistake… 🙂
      The guy who made the test in the factory wrote down not the transfer factor (mv/Pa) which the App requires but the sensitivity (dB). Your value corresponds to “sensitivity” of 7.0 mv/Pa which is the value you need for Analyzer calibration.


  • Mark

    Replied on: 28/01/2014, 08:53

    Hello. Sorry, me again. After restarting the iPhone 5s, it worked. Then I switched to a different audio app (Shazam) to detect a song. Switched out of that and back to your analyzer, it stopped working. It seems I’ve got to restart my iPhone every time I want to use this app?

    • dan

      Replied on: 29/01/2014, 11:08

      Hello Mark,

      this is strange. Concerning audio input the Analyzer should behave as any other App, catching the input stream from the iOS when put to front. It is possible though that other Apps use background audio preventing the Analyzer to get access to the microphone while they are running in background. If the problem continues please make sure to turn off other audio apps (double click the home button and swipe them upwards). And please make sure the Analyzer has access to the microphone (settings -> privacy -> microphone ).


  • Tom

    Replied on: 26/02/2014, 05:23


    I’m considering purchasing your app for studio use because my Samson D-1500 has been damaged beyond repair and I like to have a device for analysis that isn’t just another floating window in my DAW. Would I be able to use your product in this way? If so what would be the most cost effective, yet suitable method of connecting 1/4″ line level outputs to an iPad 2 for use with your app?

    Many thanks


    • dan

      Replied on: 08/04/2014, 22:24

      Hello Tom,

      you should have a look at Alesis io dock – in this way your iPad2 is powered while docked. This hardware provides all inputs and works fine with Analyzer.


  • Darwin

    Replied on: 05/03/2014, 23:02

    Hi! First and foremost, I think this is such a. Great app! Truly professional.

    Speaking of professional , I am not one, so here goes my question:

    All I need to know before hitting the purchase button is if this app records audio and analyses it for high sounds (or spreads it in that nice chart you got going on on the app already)?

    See, I have a very noisy neighbor and would like to record the outrageous sounds at 3AM AND have them spread on a graph with the high point distinctly differentiated.

    • dan

      Replied on: 06/03/2014, 07:09

      Hello Darwin,

      the Analyzer does not record audio, it’s just measuring.


  • Uli Lauterbach

    Replied on: 30/03/2014, 21:30


    need to always change the color of a clone after cloning hold-peaks to compare front mix with monitoring at live gig. It changes the color of the original too…could you implement that you can change the color of a clone without changing color of original?

    • dan

      Replied on: 08/04/2014, 22:20

      Thanks for the input, we have put it on our to do list!


  • Richard

    Replied on: 05/04/2014, 09:45

    I really like this analyzer. I would like to put in a custom mic profile correction into the analyzer. How can I do this.

    • dan

      Replied on: 08/04/2014, 22:18

      Hello Richard,

      this is not possible. Which mic do you have in mind? Maybe we will integrate it as IAP…


  • Richard

    Replied on: 09/04/2014, 22:54

    I’m using a Thumbtack mic. But right now, since upgrade today, The app crashes every time I try and open it. I’m on IOS 5. Can I please downgrade, or can you give me a suggestion.

  • Igor

    Replied on: 10/04/2014, 07:38

    Обновил приложение, не работает. Можно вернуть?

  • Michael jones

    Replied on: 10/04/2014, 14:19

    Have the analyzer on the 5.1. After the update on 4/9/2014 was applied the app won’t open.

    • dan

      Replied on: 11/04/2014, 21:10

      unfortunately there’s a problem with ANalyzer 2.3.3 and iOS 5.1.1. We could not forsee this because all testing went well, but the version in the iTunes Store is not ok. Anyway, we worked hard on fixing this and a new version 2.3.4 is already in review at iTunes and will hopefully be available in a few days.

      If you have a backup you could maybe go back to the previous version…??

      If not I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few days for the update. We apologise for the trouble!

  • Gerd Bethge

    Replied on: 10/04/2014, 21:39

    I updated today and it crashes immediately with IPad 1 and IOS 5.1.1.

    The former version worked really fine!

    • dan

      Replied on: 11/04/2014, 21:10

      Hello Gerd,
      unfortunately there’s a problem with ANalyzer 2.3.3 and iOS 5.1.1. We could not forsee this because all testing went well, but the version in the iTunes Store is not ok. Anyway, we worked hard on fixing this and a new version 2.3.4 is already in review at iTunes and will hopefully be available in a few days.

      If you have a backup you could maybe go back to the previous version…??

      If not I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a few days for the update. We apologise for the trouble!


  • Coolcountry

    Replied on: 12/04/2014, 00:21

    I am in the process of building a high end car stereo, I am going to be running an active 3-way front stage. Each speaker will have its own amp which will be crossed over using a DSP-Moaconi 6to8 (
    Tuning the system is going to be a long process… I have a friend that is suggesting that I get an RTA and equipment to help me tune my system. He asked me to look at:
    System 3 – $236.92
    1/24th Octave RTA
    I have looked at your Analizer app along with the i436 Omni Measurement Mic & i436 Kit Package

    How do the two compair and what features would stand out. To me they both look like real good systems. Could you help me out deciding which would be the better one to help me tune my car stereo.
    Thank you, Coolcountry

    • dan

      Replied on: 17/04/2014, 10:20


      of course both work fine. But: The Analyzer is much more “mobile” and miniature because it’s working on iPad and iPhone. TrueRTA is a great software. Along with laptop and audio interface and measurement microphone it is a lot of equipment though. True RTA offers a sweep, which analyzer does not at the moment. Analyzer has much more detailed Graphics and resolution far beyond TrueRTA. So it’s your choice in the end – may be both?


  • Adam

    Replied on: 13/04/2014, 15:38

    The most recent update – April 9th, has complely broken calibration. Yes I can still calibrate it but it after updating everything shows up about 10db higher than before. I can no longer trust the accuracy of the app. I am using the built-in mic and have calibrated it before with a calibrator. I know it’s not a great mic so it’s not perfect, but if was close-within a few db. Now it is way off. Any idea why this may have happened? Or a way to restore this without having to have the calibration set to -12db? Before it was -2.4. Even at -12 if doesn’t seem as condistent as before….

    Thanks – otherwise it’s been a great reference tool!

    • dan

      Replied on: 16/04/2014, 10:52

      Hello Adam,

      2.3.4 does not work either. But we are confident we solved this issue in version 2.3.5 which is already in review at iTunes. Sorry for the trouble…


  • Michael jones

    Replied on: 16/04/2014, 03:26

    Got the new update 2.3.4 today and the analyzer still won’t open or
    Load up correctly. Just shows the blue shield briefly and then disapears.

    • dan

      Replied on: 16/04/2014, 10:31

      Hello Michael,

      we apologise – again!!! There’s an issue with the new 64bit stuff Apple requires now which unfortunately causes much (non-expected) trouble when running Analyzer on iOS 5.1. As all our test versions worked fine on iOS5.1, we are very frustrated with this but: we are working hard to solve this issue – please be patient for another few days.


  • Igor

    Replied on: 16/04/2014, 13:39

    Обновил bugfix for iOS 5.1.1 и все равно не работает.

  • Michael jones

    Replied on: 19/04/2014, 14:51

    Yeah not so much, on the 2.3.5 update…still waiting for a functional product.

    • dan

      Replied on: 22/04/2014, 17:37

      Hello Michael,

      we fixed this definitely: Analyzer 2.3.6 is already in review at iTunes and will work fine on iOS 5.1.


  • Michael jones

    Replied on: 22/04/2014, 23:18

    Ok thanks Daniel, I was just thinking that maybe it was something I was doing wrong or maybe I needed to delete and reload the app or something…

  • Robert

    Replied on: 25/04/2014, 01:58

    Analyzer not work with iOs 7.1
    The sound is not represented in the graph and if i go to settings/audio imput & output, the app crash.

    • dan

      Replied on: 25/04/2014, 11:55

      Hello Robert,

      please make sure the Analyzer has access to the built-in Microphone. You’ll find this under settings -> privacy -> microphone. Sometimes this is deactivated after an update.


      • Robert

        Replied on: 25/04/2014, 12:59

        Hello Daniel.
        The microphone is activated. I think this is not the problem.
        The app only run in my ipad if i open after restart the ipad, but the second time i try to open the app not work any more until i restart again the ipad.
        Allso the noise generator not work.
        The app take more time than normal to open when not work.

        I have this app long time ago and before it was working very well.

        Please, solve the problem.

      • Robert

        Replied on: 25/04/2014, 13:07

        Allso i re-install the app but the problem not go.
        In the iPhone 5 Analyzer work well, but no in the iPad

  • Michael jones

    Replied on: 25/04/2014, 02:01

    Yes! 2.3.6 got it. This is an awesome app by the way

  • Igor

    Replied on: 25/04/2014, 06:47

    Спасибо, теперь работает!

  • Mick

    Replied on: 14/05/2014, 23:53

    Can you please advise about 2 things:
    1. a class 1 mic which works with Analyzer
    2. a compliant audio interface (preferably 4 inputs) which works with iPad mini retina display. I know Alesis has the new iO Mix with 4 channels input, but it apparently only docks an iPad standard size, not a mini retina
    Thanks in advance

  • kris

    Replied on: 29/07/2014, 15:44


    What are the microphones compatible with this app?

    • dan

      Replied on: 29/07/2014, 23:03

      Here’s the list (Analyzer 2.4): Apple Earphones, Apple Earpods, Apple In-Ear Headphones, Microtech Gefell M372, Mic-W i436, i266, i456, i825, i855, iShotgun, Røde iXY, Røde smartLav, Tascam iM2, Tascam iM2X – all available as In-App purchases.


  • enavant

    Replied on: 02/08/2014, 06:36


    ipad mini
    ios 7.1.2

    analyzer 2.4 is not working …

    could you please help?
    kind regards.

    • dan

      Replied on: 02/08/2014, 16:37

      Please make sure the Analyzer has access to the built-in microphone!


  • John Willett

    Replied on: 02/08/2014, 13:00

    Hi, I just did the update that appeared this morning.

    Now the app is broken and does not work at all.

    It displays the screens but no level display at all.

    The bug fixes seem to have made more bugs it seems 🙁


    • dan

      Replied on: 02/08/2014, 14:43

      Hello John,

      please make sure the App has access to the built-in microphone here: settings -> privacy -> microphone. It is sometimes turned off by iOS. And let us know, if it works!


  • enavant

    Replied on: 02/08/2014, 16:32

    hello Dan,

    it’s working now!
    thanks a lot.
    kind regards.

  • Mitja BORKO

    Replied on: 10/08/2014, 12:06

    I e-mailed my test.dspgraph from my iPhone 5s to my Lenovo PC, however ‘this file cannot be previewed because there is no previewer installed for it’.
    Which ‘previewer’ would you reccomend me to install in order to view dspgraph files correctly?
    Thank you, and best regards,

    • dan

      Replied on: 17/08/2014, 00:11

      The *.dspgraph is a data format exclusively used by the Analyzer. Export your data as .csv, then you can open it and get all measurement data into other applications.

  • Lucas

    Replied on: 10/08/2014, 17:28

    Latest update of Analyzer stop working on iPhone 5s. It opens but does not register any sound levels.

    • dan

      Replied on: 13/08/2014, 11:53

      Hello Lucas,

      please make sure the Analyzer has access to the micorophone: settings->privacy->microphone.


    • dan

      Replied on: 13/08/2014, 11:53

      Hello Lucas, please make sure the Analyzer has access to the microphone: settings->privacy->microphone

  • enavant

    Replied on: 13/08/2014, 11:32

    it would be convenient if your software displays the actual value corresponding to the frequency whose level is the highest.
    just above this frequency, for example.
    this would allow a bit more readable.
    could you do this?

    • dan

      Replied on: 13/08/2014, 11:49

      The Analyzer can do this: in frequency view select the workspace icon (the one with the grid) in the upper right corner, choose caption-> peaks.


  • Jonas

    Replied on: 16/08/2014, 14:34


    Is possible with the ucx ,when in CC mode true usb, too also be connected with ableton true firewire ?



    • dan

      Replied on: 17/08/2014, 00:09

      I don’t think so but actually don’t really know…

  • Daniel De Roeck

    Replied on: 17/08/2014, 17:33

    Works perfectly on my iPad, but have a problem on my iPhone (unfortunately replied ‘no’ when asked to allow access to the microphone at first start up) : I cannot see any signal, and I know I should make sure the Analyzer has access to the microphone: settings->privacy->microphone, but I cannot access “privacy” in the settings meny (not even when scrolling). Could you please tell me how to access ‘privacy’?

    • dan

      Replied on: 18/08/2014, 22:50

      Hello Daniel,

      I can access privacy in the settings menu..?? I don’t know how to help you – this menu item should be always there (that’s what I thought until your post appeared).

  • Wayne Koston

    Replied on: 21/08/2014, 05:51

    Does this app detect frequencies in the 1100.00 to 1600.00 MHz frequency range please

    • dan

      Replied on: 22/08/2014, 23:32

      The Analyzer works on audio signals only, which unfortunately means no.

  • Ally

    Replied on: 22/08/2014, 00:42

    Does this app support iOS 6.1.3? This was the latest iOS version before the swtich to 7. I’d like to buy the app, but I will not upgrade to 7.

    • dan

      Replied on: 22/08/2014, 23:31

      Analyzer Version 2.3.x supports iOS5.x & 6.x and is still available in the App Store. All Analyzer versions since 2.4 (including Audiobus 2.x, Inter App Audio) require iOS 7.x or later.


  • Frede Kristensen

    Replied on: 13/09/2014, 09:06

    I very fine app with good functionality.
    1. I really need a function for ON / OFF to “freeze” the testresult before export.
    2. I also would like the signal sweep function – integrated like TrueRTA. Will such a function be availible in hte future?

    • dan

      Replied on: 21/10/2014, 11:20

      Hello Frede,

      there is the hold function and the snapshot function. with them you can capture, freeze and store multiple curves!

  • Frede Kristensen

    Replied on: 13/09/2014, 11:57

    One more thing…………….
    The export file (CSV) is a big problem for me.
    Because importing in Excel 2010 where we in my country use
    (,) as decimal sep. and not (.) everything is mixed up.
    Could you give us the possiblility og choosen decimal sep. ?

    • dan

      Replied on: 26/09/2014, 07:56

      Hello Frede, you can change this in the Analyzer settings. go to the settings page scroll down to export settings and change it.

  • Roger Smith

    Replied on: 01/10/2014, 03:43

    iPhone 5s with iOS 8.0.2 and update 2.5 for analyzer from 9/27 applied. Portrait display doesn’t show any level and says -247…

    I checked the settings > privacy and it does have access to the mic.

    Landscape display shows no signal either.

    Great app and I’m sure I am not using it to its full capability!


    • dan

      Replied on: 01/10/2014, 23:36

      Hello Roger,

      there are sometimes issues with iOS and the Audiobus engine. Please try the following:
      – quit the Analyzer and all other audio apps by double pressing home button and up swipe.
      – go to settings -> Analyzer -> privacy -> microphone -> and turn allowance off.
      – start Analyzer again and quit it again.
      – turn allowance for microphone use on again.
      – restart the Analyzer

      It seems a little complicated and stupid but it actually worked on my own 5S – since this procedure it’s running perfectly on it.

      • dan

        Replied on: 01/10/2014, 23:36

        This worked fine for Roger!

  • Jacques

    Replied on: 14/10/2014, 22:30

    I just installed Analyzer on my new iPhone 6 and on my old iPhone 4. I use the SPL meter to measurement the Leq. The value measured by the iPhone 6 is 12 dB lower than the value measured by the iPhone 4. I believe that all settings are the same on both iPhones. Is it normal to have such a difference ?


    • Jacques

      Replied on: 14/10/2014, 22:31

      I forgot to mention that I’m using the internal microphone.

      • dan

        Replied on: 14/10/2014, 22:51

        We are working on an update tp fix the iPhone 6 issues. We have to ask for a little patience here…

    • dan

      Replied on: 14/10/2014, 22:49

      Hello Jacques,

      it seems there’s a calibration problem with at least some iPhone 6 models. Please use the calibration function of the Analyzer to adjust the level to that of the iPhone.

  • Tommy

    Replied on: 19/10/2014, 15:57

    Just downloaded the app and it doesn’t work. Is there an update coming out soon to fix it or can I get my money back?

    • dan

      Replied on: 19/10/2014, 16:25

      Hello Tommy,

      what exactly is not working? Does the Analyzer have access to the microphone (settings -> Analyzer -> privacy -> microphone) ?

  • aad

    Replied on: 21/10/2014, 13:47

    installed om iOS 8.0.2 this morning, mic access allowed, Analyzer is working on 4S, but not on 5c iPhone. No change after upgrading to iOS 8.1

    • aad

      Replied on: 21/10/2014, 14:08

      disregard previous message, followed the Windows methode, uninstalled Analyzer, shut iphone down, restart, reinstall Analyzer, allow mic access, restart analyzer and it’s working again

  • Paul

    Replied on: 26/10/2014, 16:49

    Can I use AirPlay as my signal source into my x32 mixer and check the room with the anayizer at the same time? Analizer seems to turn off AirPlay.

    • dan

      Replied on: 26/10/2014, 17:18

      Quit the Analyzer (double hit home button and swish up). Restart Airplay (I did all this successfully with AirServer on my MacBook). Connect your iPhone with your mixer. Restart Analyzer – the signal generator now plays via Airplay.

  • Oliver

    Replied on: 27/01/2015, 09:45

    I would like to use your app (which I have already purchased) for analyzing a very low noise in the frequenzy range beween 20 an 80 Hz. Which of the microphones that are compatible with your app and that you are offering frequenzy compensation for would you recommend for this purpose?

    • dan

      Replied on: 02/03/2015, 12:04

      For very low frequencies use an omnidirectional measurement mic like i436 or the M372 from Gefell. Set the blokc size to maximum (65536 samples) for getting best low frequency resolution.

  • Jim Livingston

    Replied on: 25/03/2015, 15:13

    Just purchased analyzer. Running on my Iphone 5.

    Have verified microphone setting enabled in Settings but still getting no input. Also have dB Volume on same device. With same settings works fine. Any ideas? Also have no generator output with speaker enabled.

    • dan

      Replied on: 02/04/2015, 12:38

      Hello Jim,
      please try to quit all other audio apps and restart Analyzer.

  • Roger

    Replied on: 30/03/2015, 00:24

    Analyzer does not register any sound levels after using another app with microphone access. I am using the latest update running on iPhone 6 Plus.

    Analyzer Settings->Privacy->Microphone is ON.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    • dan

      Replied on: 02/04/2015, 12:37

      Please try to force quit the other App. If this does not work try to uninstall / reinstall Analyzer.

  • Ivan

    Replied on: 06/11/2015, 07:27

    Does it work no more with iPhone 5? Today I have an update pending but it says it can’t install on my phone…

    • dan

      Replied on: 06/11/2015, 09:42

      We are sorry for this and are working on a fix already – it’s something we did not intend.



  • Ronald

    Replied on: 06/11/2015, 07:43


    The Nov 5, 2015, update will not install on my iPhone 4S (iOS 9.1). It says “Unable to Purchase” – “Analyzer is not compatible with this iPhone”.

    Which is a big disappointment to me (I really use Analyzer a lot) – but maybe this can be fixed?

    Thanks & best

    • dan

      Replied on: 06/11/2015, 09:42

      We are sorry for this and working on a fix already – it’s something we did not intend.



  • Hans

    Replied on: 06/11/2015, 10:50

    The new version cannot be installed on iPhone 5S. App store shows incompatibility.

    • dan

      Replied on: 06/11/2015, 11:09

      We are on it – the fix is already on the way!

  • Stephen Drummer

    Replied on: 07/11/2015, 04:17

    Thank you for dropping support on the iPhone 5c. It is the iPhone I have been using for a year now and have been very pleased with how the program worked on it. Since I paid for the program and now you have decided to no longer support its use on the iPhone 5c I should be seeing my refund for the obsolete use of the program by the end of next week?

    • dan

      Replied on: 07/11/2015, 10:05

      Hello Stephen,

      sorry for the trouble with the current update. It’s something we did not intend of course. The fix is already in review at iTunes.

      By the way: your information on the „no audio input“ bug helped us to finally identify and fix it.

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