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Beat Detector is not available at the moment. we are working on the all-new Beat Detector 3 – hopefully it will be available soon!
The new Beat Detector 2.0 detects the tempo of the music in BPM (Beats Per Minute) continuously in realtime. It will be available very soon – it is already in review at iTunes!
It displays the 4 most probable BPM results, their predecessors and a corresponding rhythm pattern. It comes with a great GUI: its color coding illustrates the relationship between detected BPM values and the rhythm pattern energies. Previous values flow away in a smooth animation. The Beat Detector supports Inter App Audio, Audiobus and Airplay and is already optimised for iOS 8.The Beat Detector works on audio signals coming through the microphone, any attached audio hardware or Audiobus / Inter App Audio.The Beat Detector calculates it’s current result by analyzing previously measured BPM values going back to 20 seconds. Tap the display once to reset this memory and restart calculation.
Beat Detector features: – automatic realtime beat detection – innovative GUI showing the 4 most probable BPM values, a timeline and corresponding rhythm pattern – automatic input level gate – Audiobus and Inter App Audio support – Airplay support – full iOS 8 support
Beat Detector screenshots: 

5 Responses to beat detector

  • Thomas Lam

    Replied on: 15/12/2014, 21:25

    I just bought this Bpm detector app and tried to use it.
    Can you tell me how to use this app? Should I turn music on first then turn this app on or what?

    • dan

      Replied on: 15/12/2014, 21:28

      start the app and play music. If it’s loud enough the beat detector starts measuring and shows after a few seconds results. It calculates continously the bpm values and displays them.

  • dejan

    Replied on: 04/02/2015, 10:21

    is it possible that app works just with microphone on the headphones? because it is dead on my iPhone 5.

    • dan

      Replied on: 02/03/2015, 12:01

      The Analyzer should work fine with any input given from iOS.

  • Matherton Schneider

    Replied on: 21/03/2015, 22:23

    Most interesting BPM I’ve ever seen of between 300-700. Astounded!

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