LoudnessWe are working on the Loudness App. It will be available again in the near future with an all-new functionality!!

Loudness provides loudness, loudness range and true peak level measurement for iPad2 & iPad3 according to the ITU RS 1770-2, ITU-RS 1771 and the EBU R128 and the EBU 3342 recommendations. In combination with a class compliant USB audio hardware like the RME Fireface UCX or the Alesis IO dock it turns your iPad into a qualified studio measurement tool. It comes with presets according to the most prominent recommendations of ITU and EBU and allows for completely user definable settings of many graphical and technical parameters. If you want to test Loudness you can check out Loudness Lite for a time limited fully functional version. Or just contact us!

Loudness screenshots:

Loudness features:

– Loudness, True Peak and Loudness Range measurement according to ITU 1770-2, 1771 and EBU R128 and 3342
– simultaneous display of momentary / short term / integrated loudness and true peak level
– moving adjustable loudness over time graph showing momentary & short term loudness and gate level
– compatible with class compliant audio hardware
– tested & approved audio hardware: RME Fireface UCX, Alesis IO dock, Lexicon Omega, miditech audioface II
– manual and automatic calibration
– user adjustable algorithm parameters: gate levels, target levels, gate range
– user adjustable graphic engine: bar resolution, time resolution, absolute/relative scale, scale range, critical true peak level
– In-App help menu

Technical notes:

The algorithms which are defined by EBU and ITU are computationally quite extensive. That’s why this App does not work on iPad1. The attached audio interface needs to be set to 48 kHz sampling rate.

We recommend to turn on airplane mode and turn off location services in the ipad settings for a smooth performance.

6 Responses to Loudness

  • Stefano Barina

    Replied on: 13/02/2014, 14:34

    My appreciation for your product I purcased uno year ago. I would know how purchase the mykes as MicWi436/56, MicW i855.
    I’m waiting a kind response.
    Stefano Barina

    • dan

      Replied on: 08/04/2014, 22:28

      Ciao Stefano,

      the italian distributor of Mic-W products is this company: TEDES (Italy)
      Address : Via Gadames, 128,20151 – Milano (MI)Italia,P.IVA IT 13015810156
      Contact Person: Oscar Roje
      E-mail: o.roje@tedes.it
      Phone: +39 02 3925057
      Web: http://www.tedes.it

      Please contact them for purchasing those Mics..



  • Diane sands

    Replied on: 13/08/2014, 04:00

    I just downloaded loudness lite and cannot open the app. I get a screen advertising the full version app. I close out and start the app again and I am in the same advertising screen. How do I get into the loudness lite interface and out of the advertising screen.

    • dan

      Replied on: 18/08/2014, 22:52

      Loudness Lite is free because it’s a trial version which runs only 5 minutes. After this time the ad screen appears. For another 5 minutes you have to quit the App and start it again – or buy the professional Loudness App.

  • Judson

    Replied on: 24/01/2015, 18:55

    Muito bom o programa

  • Edson Lopez

    Replied on: 31/01/2021, 01:00

    Hello friends how are you?

    This is Edson from Ecuador

    I just found out that your app exists (loudness lite) …

    I tried to install it on my ipad but I couldn’t because the app is not compatible with my latest version of ios

    I installed it on an old ipad, but after 5min it stops working.

    I would like to buy the full version of the loudness, and if there is a version compatible with the ios14 …

    Best Regards

    Edson López

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